PODSAC is a podcast about science mainly focused on topics about astronomy and astrophysics, this is, we look for to explore relevant topics in the field of Astronomy e let you know a little more about them. This podcast is hosted by two members of our team, both students in Physics at the University of Coimbra, and in each episode has a different guest. The podcast is only available in Portuguese.   

Episode 8 - gravitational waves

With the collaboration of Rómulo – Centro Ciência Viva, University of Coimbra, episode 8 of PodSAC was attended by Carlos Fiolhais, Professor of Physics and Director of Rómulo – Center Ciência Viva, University of Coimbra, who explained a little more about gravitational waves in a lecture entitled “Gravitational Waves: ‘listening’ to the Universe”. You can also check the video of this episode on our youtube.

Episode 7 - SAC's anniversary and History

This episode, very special to us, is dedicated to celebration of SAC’s Birthday, who celebrated its 32nd birthday on May 9th, and on this episode, with the presence of Henrique Neves and André Neves, you can learn a little more about our section. You can also check the video of this episode on our youtube

Episode 6 - observatories

In this episode, our hosts bring a special guest, Professor and Researcher of the University of Coimbra, Nuno Peixinho to talk about observatories and his experience working as an astronomer in these.

EPISODE 5 - ISS And 60 years of mankind in space

In this episode, our hosts Luís Januário and Diogo Eufrásio bring a member of our team, António Luiz. Together they talk about man’s journey into space and also about ISS, from training to day-to-day living.

Episode 4 - Fénix PROJEcT

In this episode, our members present one of the projects in which SAC is involved, Fénix Project. This project is a partnership between SAC and SPACELAB (UBI) with a common goal, to launch a high-powered rocket with an engine entirely developed by students. To this end, our hosts, Luís Januário and Diogo Eufrásio, bring the team leader (from the Fénix Project), Júlio Santos. 

EPISode 3 - VeNUS

Ready for more conversations and debates about the Universe? With space for everyone, the guest in this episode is the 2nd year medical student at UC, Tiago Resende. Tiago comes to talk to us about Venus. From the characteristics of the planet to the existence of phosphine in its atmosphere and the reason of the existence of this compound is important.

Episode 2 - Exoplanets and the nobel prize of physics in 2019

In this episode, our members Luís Januario and Diogo Eufrásio bring another member of SAC and a PhD student at CFiscUC, Sérgio Gomes, to talk about exoplanets and half of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 that involves this same subject.

Episode 1 - Perseverance Mars Rover

For the first episode of PodSAC, our hosts talk about the new Mars Rover and about the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11th).